Who Are You?

Not who you think you are

Who Are You?

October 20th, 2014
Posted by: Dr. Moore
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3 Responses to "Who Are You?"
  • Very thought provoking. Will be thinking on who I am, the perfect definition of me not just my name or my professional title. Hmmmm wheels are turning. To be continued. ….

    • Now Shaunda, don’t cheat and say I’m a mother. That’s STILL a title. When answering this question you have to understand this is not about a label. It’s taken me nearly two years to come up with my definition of who I am. Honestly, even after all that time I still don’t feel there are any words to accurately describe me. I can feel it. It’s how I feel when I meditate and I’m completely immersed in the field. There are no words for that. Still I encourage you to attempt this…. :)

  • Your words as a river, has rose and overflowed it’s banks and has irrigated the fields of my life. I’m just trying to find a way to say; thank you.

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