Unification Ceremony


You’re not a traditional couple. Why have a traditional wedding?

A Unification Ceremony is a non-traditional approach to the traditional wedding ceremony. During your Unification Ceremony you’ll form a “Love Alliance”

A Love Alliance focuses on the long term unification of the families, friends and lives of the two individuals through which a new love collective emerges. 
This new love collective that we refer to as a Love Alliance is guided to completely support the unity throughout the marriage. The collective will encourage love energy and focus on resolutions in times of intense contrast that threaten to undermine the integrity of the unity (marriage). 

A Moore Center Officiate will teach the members of your love alliance how to access their connectedness and broadcast whatever energy is needed to be your beacon back to well-being. 

This new love collective will be guided on how to properly celebrate your successes and bring perspective to perceived losses and failures in an effort to promote healing. Although the members of your Love Alliance are held accountable as a support system, each member will be instructed on how to be involved in your healing without attachment and judgment of the outcome.  
We believe that by releasing any resistance to the ultimate outcome the members of your Love Alliance are free to be completely honest and respectful of your eventual decisions as a couple. Even if your decision does not resonate with their advice they can provide a renewing place for you while 
trusting that your overall healing and well-being will be achieved in a way that is just right for you. 

During times of personal discord that may not involve your partner (spouse) the members of your Love Alliance will serve as sponges to absorb and release any negative energy that you might inadvertently attempt to transfer to your partner in the day-to-day energy sharing that is customary with married couples.

The Unification and Love Alliance Process, Ceremony Description & Benefits:

Step 1 :
Couples will be asked to complete a questionnaire to determine to best approach to building your personalized Love Alliance.
Step 2 :

Couples will be invited to meet individually for your questionnaire debriefing. Then couples will meet together with their Moore Center Officiate to discuss specific ideals and to create a plan for well-being.

Step 3 :

Couples will list the members of their Love Alliance. Similar to a best man or brides maid your Love Alliance will be a group of people who will take an active role in preserving the well-being and promoting healing within the unity.
Unlike a bride’s maid or best man the members of your Love Alliance will not passively stand next to you during the ceremony. The members of your Love Alliance will be active during the ceremony and throughout the unification.
We do not believe that the wedding day is just a day for everyone to get dressed up to attend a massive party. That’s only part of the fun! The Unification Ceremony is the joining of families, loved ones and friends through the couple who has chosen to unify their lives. It’s not just the bride and groom who are getting married. Their families, friends and pets are also being joined as an extension of this union.

We recommend at least 3 individuals in your Love Alliance but optimally 9 men and women is a complete Love Alliance.

Step 4 :
Several days prior to the actual ceremony you and your fiancé along with the members of your love alliance will be invited to participate in a workshop, plus a series of exercises (including in person, skype, by phone and self-directed sessions) that will strengthen your bond and reveal the higher calling that wants to be born out of this new union
Step 5 :

The Unification Ceremony will be a similar to a traditional wedding but with many distinct differences.
-The members of your Love Alliance will create a physical and spiritual sacred sphere of love surrounding the couple and the Moore Center Officiate.
-The Officiate will begin the ceremony with the tapping of the tuning fork or pipe at the Love frequency of 528 hz. This will tune the space and everyone in it to a love frequency. The Officiate will then lead everyone in a short meditative session (or prayer) to speak to the Universe with and on behalf of the new community/union.
-Next, each member of your Love Alliance will speak their vows of support, healing and protection for the couple.

-Then, (just like the couple presents gifts of rings to one another) each Love Alliance member will present the couple with 3 cherished, symbolic gifts (of their own choosing). One representing energy/passion, one representation of abundance/prosperity and one for emotion/feelings. This will be followed by the couples own vows to one another and exchange of rings or other symbolic gifts.
-The Moore Center Officiate will tap a tuning fork or pipe to the vibration of 639 hz (relationship harmonization) and present the new couple after which, will begin the celebration of this new community/union.

We also offer traditional wedding services. Please contact us for more information.