The Moore Center Mission

Our mission is to energetically strengthen individuals, families and communities through a unified approach that elevates us all to our highest-selves creating an alliance of True Love. We promote wholeness, well-being and total self-acceptance 

Religions can become corrupt when leaders are assigned to explain Gods will to the people instead of showing them how to find this direction within themselves. At The Moore Center for Spiritual Pathways it is our goal to Guide People to Guide Themselves.

Our focus and intention is to be a community of truth and love where people from all spiritual paths feel the freedom to realign with their Inherent Majesty by recognizing the Divine Consciousness that IS ALL THINGS. This Universal Oneness is known by many different names: God, Holy Spirit, Jehovah, Infinite Intelligence, Kosmos, Buddah, Source Energy, Krishna, Allah, Christ, Yahweh, and many more. 

God is Love + I Am God = I AM LOVE  

Know thy Self and you will know the Universe