Relationship Counseling

This service is for friends, business partners,intimate partners, siblings or parents & children or any group who desires harmony and honest communication. The tools and guidance we provide at the Moore Center fosters unification and interdependence to actualize full potential. The people involved and their relationships will be enlivened with the success of the overall vision, allowing all hidden potential to spring forth and uplift the entire group.

Just think how strong a partnership will be when all parties are 
released from the need to engage in power struggles. 

What will it be like when everyone involved happily takes responsibility for themselves and their portion of any given endeavor and have a genuine interest in seeing the highest and best end results possible? 

Unification (Wedding) Ceremony Services
At The Moore Center for Spiritual Pathways when we speak of love we are speaking of love that is permanent, indescribable, indestructible, changeless,birth-less & deathless.
A Unification Ceremony is the expansion of a wedding.
A Unification Ceremony is an integration of families coming together in an act of Love that will support your growth as a couple and as individuals.

It is not our desire to choose with whom you should love and unify. It is our mission to fully support that choice and guide you in the creation of an alliance that will sustain the integrity of that choice.

To be truly unified is to be enlivened, knowing the truth of who you are. You will cast away illusory fears and past mistakes so that your now is
filled with the infinite beauty of your partner.
You will come to know one another as God knows you, with a depth and perfection that strains description.

Pre & Post Unification (Marital) Counseling

Through our teachings you will be guided on how to properly celebrate your successes and bring perspective to perceived losses and failures in an effort to promote healing within your relationship. Although the those involved are held accountable as individual support systems of the relationship, each individual will be instructed on how to be involved in your healing without attachment and judgment of the outcome. This is known as unconditional love.

We believe that by releasing any resistance to the ultimate outcome you are free to be completely honest and respectful of your eventual decisions as a couple and as individuals. Even during times when your decisions don’t resonate with your partner’s they can still provide a renewing place for you while trusting that your overall healing and well-being will be achieved in a way that is just right for you.

During times of personal discord that may not involve your partner (spouse) such as problems at work (s)he will serve as a sponge to absorb and release any negative energy that you might inadvertently attempt to transfer to your partner in the day-to-day energy sharing that is customary with married couples. This approach disallows any weakening of your bonds due to external “baggage.”

If you’re looking for a referee or someone to tell you who is right or wrong, you won’t find that here. At The Moore Center we guide couples to healing through spiritual intervention. We allow you to see your own mistakes so that you will be a responsible party in finding your way back to your own personal well-being. We do not believe that your well-being is at all dependent on the behavior of another. You have complete control over your life, your feelings, your actions and your results. We will work with each individual to identify and clear past fears, guilt, anxieties and resentments that may be influencing your relationships now. We use our guidance systems to access your inner guidance. This will clear any negative energy to restore your inner guidance systems to optimal health. You will learn to manage your internal control panels so that you won’t feel the need to try and control others. Once you’re able to take full and intentional responsibility you will automatically make better and better choices.

Personal life healing & planning

People plan vacations. People plan parties but few people take the time to plan their life. Here at The Moore Center for Spiritual Pathways we understand that you are not your circumstances. You are not your past. We understand that sometimes your past and external circumstances clouds your ability to see yourself as god now sees you. How you see others may be obscured by feelings of fear or guilt from past situations.

With our guidance you will grow closer to a life experience that allows you to operate outside of the limitations of time, lack, negativity, guilt and fear. These negative states are not in tune with who your truly are and we are here to aid in your self-discovery.

Financial healing & planning

Contrary to popular opinion money is easy to attract and accept. Money doesn’t need to be made. It’s already been made. Money doesn’t even need to be earned. Money is only ONE representation of wealth and wealth is your birthright. You are a source of nature and a creation of nature and you are one with nature. With our guidance when you look at nature you will see abundance, beauty and wealth. Nature always expresses wealth and so can you.

You are surrounded by wealth and abundance, love, prosperity and joy. You breathe in prosperity. You have always been surrounded by wealth. You are surrounded by money. Money is in the very air you breathe. Money is in the ground you walk upon. Beneath your feet lay gold, silver, oil, titanium, uranium, copper, soil, diamonds, precious stones and the like. The entire world is wealth. The Moore Center For Spiritual Pathways will train you to quickly identify and take advantage of wealth and opportunities for wealth so that you become an expression of financial freedom and purchasing power. . You will begin to understand that the Universal supply is infinite and vast.

The Universe is all about greater expansion and fuller expression and our natural world reflects this. Expansion and fuller expression is your birthright. It is a spiritual mandate. Money is energy. And like energy it is not earned or acquired. It is released. The Moore Center For Spiritual Pathways will teach you to have enough available energy to attract and accept the money you want.

Business healing & planning
The reason it’s known as “entrepreneurial spirit” is because your business has a spirit. The Moore Center for Spiritual Pathways guides business owners on how to understand the spirit of their business and their industry. Your business will become an easy and open conduit for prosperity and a well spring of distribution for whatever products or services your company’s offering. No matter what stage your business is in it can be injected with a boost of energetic “growth hormone” to become what you want it to be on a spiritual and tangible level.