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Dr. Richelle Moore

Dhanvanti Moore 
Doctor Of Divinity | Speaker | Author
Guiding people to guide themselves

Dr. Moore offers sage teachings about mankind’s ability to naturally co-create with Source by connecting to nature and the Earthly plane. Prior to accepting her Doctorate of Divinity and Ordination Dr. Dhanvanti Moore spent nearly a decade studying ancient spiritual manuscripts such as the Gnostic Gospels and the Bhagavad Gita.

Dr. Moore has combined her study of ancient philosophy with organic healing modalities such as sound resonance therapy, meditation and body tuning and EFT (tapping).

By offering a spiritual look at the practicalities of everyday life circumstances, Dr. Moore explains how we can live our lives more closely to the way nature operates. Dr. Moore theorizes that being more aligned with the forces of nature is equivalent to exposing our authenticity as Gods and Goddesses who co-create in harmony with Source. In this way we realize our own Divine Consciousness and connection to Universal Oneness.