About The Moore Center

What we do: 

-Guide people to guide themselves
-Expose the god consciousness & Source energy concentrated in you.
-Reveal and support intentional creators on their journey and in the creative process
-Use various spiritual modalities to integrate the higher self with egoic self to promote and support wholeness, well-being and TOTAL self-acceptance
-Regard the inner, spiritual or higher self is equally important as the goings on and tangibles on the earthly plane
-Teach use of all senses in conjunction with the 5 most utilized senses
-Create non-religious/non-denominational, all inclusive centers for well-being, truth and healing.
The Moore Center is a non-religious, non-denominational love, growth & truth center. We believe that by honoring the best of our individual and collective religious doctrine on a personal level and integrating these with our own knowing and discernment, each religion can supplement others and open us completely for higher spiritual communication on the physical and non-physical plane.  
Our basic understanding/message is that Christ modeled a level of consciousness (not religion) that releases us from the fear of being alive & not knowing why. This consciousness allows us freedom from resistance to a perceived death that robs us of attraction to and pursuit of our highest callings. This message is broader yet simpler than the intellectual concept that is typically perpetuated in society’s traditional religious organizations.
With our guidance you will grow closer to a life experience that allows you to operate outside of the limitations of time, lack, negativity, guilt and fear. These negative states are not in tune with who your truly are and we are here to aid in your self-discovery.
We do not believe that you must die a physical death or depart from your body to experience the bliss of heaven. We know that you are source/god energy personified. There is no need to pursue a mystical kingdom of god. God has fulfilled herself as you and you are all that god is now. You have the ability to intuit god’s will and be filled with his spirit. You are here because god wants to know life through you. You came forth for a reason. We don’t claim to yet know what that reason is but The Moore Center for Spiritual Pathways is a collective consciousness here to help attune you to, and align you with the vibration of your individual purpose.